Measured Building Surveys

A measured building survey is the process of taking accurate measurements of floor plan, floor layout, columns and beams as well as any specific details required. Elevations and sections can also be produced to provide further information to the client.

A measured building survey is often used in a building project. Architectural plans rely on accurate data, as these inform the building phase of projects. Engineers will use the data from measured surveys to identify structural elements pertinent to their brief.

It can also be used for record purposes during construction project delivering accurate data of new-built elements or at the end of the project as a as-built survey to check floor level and area.

measured building survey

Measured Building Incluede:

  • Topographical Survey
  • Floor Plans
  • External Elevations
  • Cross Sections if requested
Floor Plan Survey London

Setting Out

Geocad can provide site engineers for all types of setting out requirements. Our site engineers pay attention to detail and show dedication in the pursuit of maintaining quality.

Continually investing in the latest hardware and software to ensure that we can meet the demands of our clients. Using CAD files with robotic total stations, facilitates quick and accurate setting out and any necessary as-built surveys.

Foundation Setting Out Surrey
Setting Out